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Shadow Walk Series (SWS) - Private Coaching

Personal Development Programs

Purging the Past - $540

This 4 week private coaching package is designed to take you safely through your past to find the ONE Limiting Belief that all others stem from & see clearly what keeps you from attracting the life you want. 

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Purifying the Past - $720

This 6 week private coaching package provides additional support through online explanation modules to helping you handle your past as you recreate your future. This course includes Purging the Past.

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Past to Peace - $990

This 8 week private coaching package includes Purifying the Past. It dives deeper into learning how to forgive yourself easily & effortlessly express your emotions while remaining centered.

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Soul Solution Series - Group Coaching

Personal to Professional Development Programs

Past to Passion - $1,440

This 12 week group coaching course will help you find your purpose, live your passion and pursue your life's mission. You'll learn to mentally leave the loop, stop the shame cycle, find humor, and CoCreate your biggest dreams through Law of Attraction (LOA) practices. Past to Peace included.

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Past to Prosperity - $2,700

In this 12 week group coaching course, you will fine tune Mindset, LOA & shifting the Toxic Talk Track quickly, so you can remain Dream Destined while moving through resistance, attachment & expansion with ease allowing room for abundant prosperity. Past to Passion included.

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Past to Purpose - $3,600

NEW modality for current coaches wanting a strategic blueprint to better serve their clients. With this 12 week course you will learn to hold space for deep healing, protect your energy & help clients clear their past, by becoming a certified Shadow Walk facilitator. Past to Prosperity included.

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Coaching Certification Series - Group Coaching

Professional Development Programs

Past to Pursuit - $4,500

This 4 month course is the perfect launching pad for those wanting to transition into the growing field of Life Coaching. Stretch beyond simply "advising" friends/ family & truly helping them heal. By developing a strategic modality that compliments your natural listening skills while providing you with branding, marketing, and training tools, leaving you with a financially rewarding business. Past to Purpose included.

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Past to Profession - $6,300

In this 5 month course, you will up-level your game by learning how to create your own course content to aid your clients through their growth. You will learn how to create order form the chaos of your ideas, present them in a digestible fashion, and peak interest in the market so you can best serve your current niche. This course includes our Past to Pursuit series.

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Past to Prodigy - $7,200

Our Ultimate Master Mind is a GUIDED program where you will learn to take your coaching skills to the corporate level by leading large group Shadow Sessions. This inspirational program will motivate you to IMPACT more people faster in business & life. Past to Profession included

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ALTering...U Series - Self Study

Introductory Mini Courses

ALTering...Anything - $97

This mini course presented by Adrienne L. Thomas, will provide the blueprint used to design the custom strategies needed to help you process negative emotions swiftly & have fun doing it. This is the foundation of ALT-U.


ALTering...Anger - $97

This "ALTering...Anger" mini course, presented by Amber Chazukow, provides the tools & tips needed to shift from anger to acceptance with ease. It will help you reframe & relieve the shame that accompanies this emotion.


ALTering...Anxiety - $97

This mini course presented by Michelle Benewiat is designed to help you regulate your emotions, stop fear in it's tracks, and overcome the consistent strain of anxiety that keeps you feeling trapped in life. 


Community Experiences - Group Memberships

Online Subscriptions

Shadow Walk Community - FREE

This FREE community is reserved for those who have recently had a Group Shadow Walk. It serves as a space to shares breakthroughs & helps integrate the lessons your Life-Theme presents on a daily basis. Join our next Group Shadow Session for access.

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ALT-U Community - $27/mon.

This "members only" subscription community will help support your new awareness of your LT & keep you up-to-date with new tool techniques. There will be monthly zoom calls where you will be able to meet for live Q&A with our ALT-U Certified Coaches. 

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SHEroes Community - $444/yr.

This community is reserved for active ALT-U Certified Coaches, is where we SHEroes & HEroes of ALT-U, trade strategies, share experiences & continue to expand the skills needed to help others heal. When we collaborate, PLAY is present & everyone WINS! 

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Online Books - Self Study

Support Materials

Healing Your Toxic Talk Track - $7

This online book, written by Adrienne L. Thomas, is a handbook for how to HEAL Your Toxic Talk Track. It is a 10 Step Process to help you integrate the Shadow, overcome personal shame, & move forward with FREEDOM!

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ALT Daily Journal - $18

The ALT Daily Journal & Planner is designed to not only help you handle your days, but also to support your manifestations with grace, ease, wonder, & excitement while imbuing sacred ritual into your day.


Shadow Walk Workbook - $27

This online book, written by Adrienne L. Thomas & Michelle Benewiat, is a step-by-step workbook to help explore your personal programming, heal past wounds, & forgive those who influenced your experience.


Additional Support - A La Carte Options

Services & Study Support

ALT Manual - $27

This ALT-U course manual is the written companion for our Quantum Coaching Certification Series. Everything from beginning to end, with space for written notes. 


Tutorial Toolbox - $197

This tutorial toolbox has tips, tricks, and tools that our team has gathered to help you handle blocks swiftly & process emotions quickly keeping your system regulated.

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Private Coaching Package - $450

An additional (4) 1-1 coaching calls available for those who feel they need added support while integrating the ALT-U course lessons into their daily life practices.

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Freebies - Virtual Events

Online Opportunities

ALT Chakra Stirring - FREE

A PDF download providing you with the instructions on how to process emotional blocks, calm your nervous system, increase your energy, & raise your internal frequency.

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Online Challenges - FREE

Our team of coaches challenge you to join us in getting to know more of who you are, why your here, and what's next for your life. Join our next challenge & find out more about YOU!

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Join our FREE FB community and learn tips, tricks & tools to help you stay centered in being, regulated in emotion, & high in frequency while creating your dream life. 

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Hire ALT - Live Events

Professional Servies

Retreats & Forwards

These in-person adventures (retreats) will provide you with an  opportunity overcome personal fears, create a NEW life vision, relax & rejuvenate your body, while meeting new friends & getting to know our team.

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Speaking Events

We will provide a transformative experience that will help your audience heal deeply. They will leave feeling confident to take inspired action with focused intention & an  empowered mindset. 

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Corporate Events

Watch your company learn to better manage breakdowns, miscommunications, & improve the environmental relationships overall, by having our team provide a Corporate Shadow Walk Experience or Private Retreat.

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ALT Apparel - Swag & Accessories

Crystals, Cards, & Clothing

ALT Swag

Remember who you are with personalized swag items that re-affirm your personal past, purpose, & power! 

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ALT Apparel

When fitness meets fashion, it's easy to say something without speaking a word. Especially when our shirts make a statement! 

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ALT Accessories

Cards, crystals, wands,  wicks, jewels & gems. You name it, we have it! All you need to keep energetically protected & vibrationally clear.

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