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Solo Shadow Walk Experiences

Raashida T.

Spiritual Seeker

I wanted to shared this because I actually did a shadow work session with Amber Chazukow, and it was releasing. That is how I would describe it. I have been on my spiritual journey since 2012. When embarking upon this journey you learn so much about yourself, as there is so much about yourself you don't want to face, but you have to face it. The saying, "The only way out is through," is a very true statement. I have backslid  a few times and actually went to through a phase where I felt as if I was letting GOD/ my higher self/ spirit - down. I am continuously doing the work.

My shadow session helped me to understand what triggers me and find the core root of why I see a lot of things the way I do. I understand: who I am; what I am; how I am; and why I am here. I received tools to structure and work towards my purpose. Tools to help with with my triggers. The sovereign that I always knew I possess within, and my constant mission to assimilate with God. I uncovered things from my childhood, teenage youth, and adulthood that I have buried so deep within me, it almost seems as if it wasn’t there (coping). My shadow work session allowed me to bring it to the surface...my many life traumas, betrayal, abandonment, and fears I had deep within that caused me harden. These awakenings can be lonely at times, as your no longer wearing the rose colored glasses. I can assure you in evolving, I have learned what is most important. I will have judicious  intentions and protect my peace. I too am still peeling my own layers, uncovering, continuously working on my outer/inner self, outer/ inner peace, my mind, and my sovereignty. 


Millie S.


Adrienne!!!! I've been wanting to text you for a while but did it know how to tell you. When you first contacted me I was going through a terrible time with my mental health and was having suicidal thoughts. I know I didn't finish the rest of the Shadow Walk course, but I wanted to tell you that even though I didn't finish, the part that you did work with me, changed my life forever. I still have those affirmations in my mirror and after our session I no longer feel like my life was pointless. I know it takes a lot for someone to suddenly change a perspective like that, but you helped me tremendously to open my eyes. I will be forever & grateful to you and for the work you do, we definitely need more people in society doing this type of work. You changed my life forever, thank you!

Danelle D.

Business Mentor & CEO of Life Intended

This is incredible. The world needs this!

Lynelle S.


I want to say thank you for the doghouse playlist. It helps me when things don't go my way. I have focused on music, found a new boyfriend who supports my journey, went back to Lyft after I felt safe again, am going to a yoni coach, looking into crypto and NFT's and am almost done with ACIM and intend to do another year in the course.

Brooke M.

Spiritual Guide

My Shadow Walk Session was Emotional, empowering, game changing, to name a few. It is worth the time and investment!! Understanding where it all began and why it began is a wise decision to make for your best interests. This work is a great boost in changing the game. Be empowered, be improved, and be there for you!! You need you. This will certainly freshen you up spiritually and emotionally. It astonishes me how little Adrienne knows about me and yet was able to help me transform my game. I am now able to BOLDLY grab the bull by the horns and say "enough is enough". Please do yourself a favor, sign-up for a Shadow Walk and find your Life-Theme.

What is a life-theme? A life theme is a program that one sets about the age of 4 to protect you during an event that deeply troubled you.

She is able to feel exactly what your feeling in your body among other things. Example, she could tell when I was becoming immensely warm and or when my breathing became off. It's CRAZY how she was able to know/tell from a distance!! She's so awesome, so down to earth and so easy to talk to. And her voice, is very soothing.

She is real and genuine working with you, a great listener. Even if you are struggling to find what to say, Adrienne will know! She brings laughter, light, patients, and authenticity to the service. She is a legitimate source. l'd be happy to answer any questions about LT work and my experience with her & the workshop.

It is such astonishing work with Adrienne that has to be experienced, words do not justify! <3

Mike G.

Regional Sales Manager

I consider myself to have had major social anxiety, I mean to the point where I don't trust anyone. Adrienne not only helped me deal with that, but I had some difficult stories or themes that I had been walking around with for many, many years. I also had MAJOR mom issues as well. (That's a whole big long story). But, I'm actually getting ready to see her in a few weeks, and I'm not stressed at all! My life has changed drastically. Not only with handling my emotions in general, but l'm actually going to be speaking on stage in front of people!! It's so amazing!

Michelle B.

Co-Founder of ALT-University & ALT-U Certified Coach

Crushing my fears...

You know you can do it, but how? How do you go about getting rid of fears that you've carried for years? Where do you even start?

So yesterday [my daughter] wanted to go to this amusement park that was basically a place for growing brains, all indoors. Let me say that again, all indoors. Why would I say that twice? Well, closed doors have been an issue for me since I started having anxiety. I've had anxiety for decades. Over small things like, putting my things in a locker, not having my things readily available to me, being 'buckled or strapped' in, and up high. All these things were things that I struggled with. Most of these were things I didn't tell anyone, they stayed hidden inside of me and I figured that they would just stay tucked inside of me forever.

I knew I was tired of playing it safe. I wanted more for me. I was made for more, just knew it. I had big dreams and knew that it had something to do with helping people but I couldn't figure out with what?!

Last year I started working with Adrienne. We would talk about what was going on with me and how I wanted to rid myself of my anxiety, as in, it's not there anymore. And I mean, I don't have it on the constant. I was in nonstop anxiety. It didn't stop. I don't sit in it now. I have moments, sure, but I ask myself what's really going on. Like, whatever situation I'm in, what is it that's actually bugging me. I then go from there. 

For example, here's when I knew this SHIfT works...!

For my daughter's 10th birthday, not only did I go into an inside building that was an amusement park, but I played laser tag (without my belongings and strapped in somewhat). Did I have a moment, yes I did, but I stopped the chatter, looked around, took a breather and remembered what I was doing and why (cuz I fucking wanted to). Moment over, had a blast! It gets soooooooo much more incredible. Next, [my daughter] wanted to do the rope challenge course. Um, did I mention it's above everyone in the building? Did I mention that there are beams, ropes and really small walkways? Did I mention it's up high again?? Yeah! Ok, so let's see here...fear of heights, being strapped in, no immediate escape, no belongings on me, really small areas to walk on!! Was there a moment? Fuck yeah!! I swear I was going to poop my pants!! But guess what? Not only did I not poop my pants, but I kicked all of these fears in the face! Me, the girl who always thought I was worthless, not enough, not capable, a whimp!! This girl right here! I cannot even explain in words how incredible powerful and life changing this is!!! Oh, and the absolute best part? I did it with my daughter! She kicked her fears too!!!! I used the techniques on her and she did it! Oh, and she did the hard course before I even did it!!!

Never have I experienced so much FREEDOM, or had so much FUN, JOY & WILLINGNESS to go into discomfort, vulnerability or step into new challenges. I mean - I love my LIFE! I can look at every hard thing I'm doing & see the lesson for me within the experience to guide others...EVERY SINGLE ONE!

I'm happy to say that my life is changing for the better! I've been using the techniques that Adrienne and I talked about and things just keep getting better!

I knew I'd eventually be a life-coach, though I didn't know what it would look like. Now I'm living my life fully as a coach, mentor, parent, wife, friend & WOMAN. I'm ready to take it all on whatever it looks like. I'm super excited for what's next. ALL THE THINGS! Even the SHIfT!

Adrienne, there aren't words that can even tell you how much I love and appreciate you! Thank you for believing in me before I even believed in myself! I fucking love you girl!

Bee S.

Spiritual Channel

Thank you for your Shadow Walk program. I feel whole and more like myself again. I am sending loving vibrations your way in every moment of now. I have really been sitting with your interpretation of how spirit is calling me. Thank you so much!

Annie B.

Sales & Marketing

My session with Adrienne was amazing! She was very articulate so her directions were really easy to understand and follow. I felt comfortable with her right from the start. The session itself definitely helped clear a lot of blockages I had, and in the end she gave me some great tools and tips to clear m chakras and help me move forward in a healthy positive way. Thanks so much! Definitely highly recommend.

Holly Schultz 

ALT~U Certified Coach

I got my life back & restored a zest for life I had resigned myself from receiving. With Michelle’s guidance I found MY-SELF again & the LOOP I had been living in. Knowing this has helped me finally break free from that loop & quickly stop old patterns that no longer serve me, so I can live fully. This clarity made it easy to find my PURPOSE & know what I came here to do...I came here to help others live their BEST adventure, which is their LIFE! I decided to become an ALT-U coach because I know with the ALT strategy I can deliver the results my MISSION requires. Now I can truly help others break free from their loop & LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE! Just like I was delivered the cosmos, I too can take others to the most magical place in the universe...the STARS, and from there they can live their DREAMS!

Kimberly D.

Spiritual Life-Coach

I was born a preemie, born with a mild disability and then had autoimmune issues as an adult, to the point where I couldn’t work and struggled walking with my cane. She helped me see the root reasons for my body to choose this life with a disability. A  fter that awareness, I was able to choose to let it go. Now, I am walking without my cane. I am still healing myself and relearning to walk. I am eternally grateful to Adrienne for being an integral part of my healing journey. If you want to understand your "life theme" and patterns that no longer serve you, or face the roots of your toxic pain or shame, book a call with her. You won’t regret it.

Kathryn Cook

Co-Founder & COO of ALT-University

Personal development is nothing new to me. In fact my whole life I‚Äôve been coaching people through much of their growth & with that find that, I myself, can often be a very resistant person in many ways to being coached. So when Adrienne offered me a rather impromptu Shadow Session, I thought it would be more of the ‚Äúsame‚ÄĚ of what I have found over the years. In other words...I wasn‚Äôt expecting to be outsmarted by the strategy, but I was. In fact, I was struck by the process in which I was able to go so deep into my past so quickly. Within 2 hours she helped me find the root issue of what consistently stops me in life and I simply broke down. I could feel the pain of my life experiences finally releasing. It was reaching something so specific that I had not fully realized before. The session, even in its simplicity, was able to get to the crux of the matter...the foundation of what I have built my life upon. I clearly saw so many of the obstacles I‚Äôve faced (many I felt embarrassed of) and realized I don‚Äôt have to keep repeating them over & over again. In fact now when looking back on how it has affected my life, I can still feel the resistance of that day and KNOW I have been freed...actually FREED of these patterns. Soon after I thought, why don‚Äôt I formalize my desire to help others with this system, that not only works but can magnify the impact of what I already love doing. It is difficult to express the power of a Shadow Session, but it is real and I'm going to make it my business, because I KNOW it works. It is the KEY...the missing link of what most never find in their PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & I‚Äôm going to help bring it to the world.

Lynn G.

Middle School Teacher

Adrienne has helped me work through some issues stemming from my childhood that counseling never was successful with. She is knowledgeable and her suggestions make sense. I am fortunate to have reached out to Adrienne!!

Denise M.

Self-Employed Entrepreneur

I think the program is a very interesting and useful tool, that I didn't even know I needed. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect in the beginning, all I knew was it was a form of self healing, & a way to find out what has been holding me back in life. Intrigued, I had to give it a try. I'm so glad I did. I was a little skeptical, wondering how one session could make that much of an impact on my life. I was completely blown away! Once I got through my session, I couldn't believe the life theme, & triggers that came up. They made total sense for me. Having that information armed me with tools & resources to better handle anything new that came my way with more confidence & trust in my own decisions, & really learning how to release the things that no longer serve me. I can much more quickly spot triggers that come up & can handle them with more grace & ease. It has helped me become more comfortable in my own skin. I have had many breakthroughs since my session, the most important being to always check in with myself, making sure my inner child is left feeling heard & loved. I absolutely adore (Kathryn Cook) the coach I had for my session. She was a delight, very calm, knowledgeable, made me very comfortable. I would love to check in with her again to let her know the progress I have made. If this is something you have been thinking about trying, I wholeheartedly recommend it! I feel like I have a new lease on life, & I can't thank them enough!

Michelle K.

E-Learning Developer

When a kid is asked what they want to be when they grow up, not one says "depressed." I don't remember a specific day I did, but that is how life was. During my Shadow Walk Session I cried like a baby...and then caught my breath and was like, What The.....?  I was in shock honestly, but then suddenly, my life made sense. It's really incredible that we walk around with this stuff and we honestly don't know about ourselves. 

I never imagined my life going in another direction. I figured I'd just be cooped up in a house and...well, that's it, really. There was no vision. For me personally, the finding [of my life theme] was the beginning. Now, it just gets more and more fabulous. There just aren't words. My life is completely different, and those around me are noticing as well.

I hope I don't sound over the top, but l'm so flipping happy with my life, I could explode and talk about it for days.

Everyone else, let's go! Let's do this! Get your journey going! What do you need to work on? What do you dream of? What's in your heart? Please, please go for it! You totally can! If I can, and on a side note, l'm 50, you can too! Whatever it is you're working on, they'll make sure the tools work for you. So don't say it's too late! Let's go!!!!!!!!

Nicole A.

Social Media Influencer & Brand Mentor

This is an amazing process that gets to the root of people's false belief system fast. I know so many people that need this in their life. Everyone does.

Amber Chazukow

Co-Founder of ALT-University & ALT-U Certified Coach

My Shadow Session with Kathryn gave me the ability to be more joyful & present in my life. She is a very caring person & uses laughter to bring fresh perspective & ease to emotional circumstances. Her sense of humor & play into her work & helps with seeing into the heart of the situation. I find I am now able to see opportunities I wasn’t able to see before, because I am attracting them on a different frequency vs. subconsciously degrading myself internally. It gave me a new hope and outlook on life where I can see that I really can have what I want in life & love myself more for it. I feel lighter as though a weight was lifted & find I am more excited about life in general. 

I know I am becoming so much better at setting boundaries and standing in my power now that I have released the false beliefs that were causing me to beat myself up subconsciously. It is hilarious to me now, how I see the instances in my life where I created a reality where my fear response was to counter feeling broken by trying to fix everything for everyone.

I have an increased ability to enjoy my life and be present in the moment. I have lost the nagging anxiety that used to rob me of my joy. I have lost the constant voice of judgement that used to live within me and instead have found the ability to walk through life with my heart open,  because when we stop judging ourselves we stop feeling the need to judge others as well. Now,I am having fun seeing how much better I am at recognizing my life theme playing and learning how to not let it knock me down like it used to.  

I have lost that feeling that there is something wrong with me and gained the ability to visualize a future full of anything I can dream of. I’ve always known I had a universal soul contract to help others discover who they are & now, with this missing piece, I know I can. 

Eric B.

ALT-University's Medicine Man

Just want to say thank you to Adrienne & ALT-University for developing this program! As you know I am more scientist (sort of) than spiritual, but I have to say, my Shadow Walk with Holly was amazing. During my session, I was reminded of who I really am & what I really came here to do. It opened my eyes to the spiritual aspect of my brain/ psyche (whatever it's called). I feel 100lbs lighter and the crazy thing is I didn't even realize I was carrying something. Since my experience I'm excited to completely ALTer my life! This has opened my eyes and I will pursue more of this. I really appreciate it. Thank you!!! 

Lindsay J.

Web Designer

Adrienne is a wise, wonderful and radical woman! She'll make you laugh, she'll make you cry, she'll break you wide open so the sunshine can pour in!

Cindy D.

Co-Founder of ALT-University until 2020

My shadow session was remarkably the most powerful thing I’ve done. Kathryn's wisdom offered new insight to the conversation. She has a deep awareness, intuitive nature & brings laughter to the journey. I was able to break down the barriers of procrastination & get clarity on what my life HAS been about vs what it really CAN & IS about. I found that the brick walls I’ve built throughout my life weren’t meant to be impenetrable walls that I need to bulldoze through, but rather lessons that serve me as protective shields that I can choose to use or not. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared, but amidst the fear I still felt safe & very surprised at what came up for me. I now see this as being such a useful tool for my clients to help them see it is much easier to remove a shield vs a wall.

Caitlin D.

Quality Assurance Professional

Going through the process with Amber was a very unique and helpful experience. Emotional honesty and vulnerability are very challenging for me but through the whole process I felt supported and safe enough to really be open and honest. It helped me to see my underlying triggers and biases that I’ve held onto my whole life. Moving forward after, I found it was easier to identify when I was being triggered. I can more easily stop myself before reacting and realize what is actually happening and correct it. This is a very helpful stepping stone on the path of self realization and self care.

Abby T.

Public Service Professional

This is the first time I’ve ever done a shadow session. During the session I was very emotional & it was quite an intense experience, but also very releasing at the same time. The tools that Michelle provided me with to move forward with my Life-Theme was more than anything I’ve ever received in counseling or any other therapy I’ve ever gone to. It was a life-changer for me, knowing what my life-theme was as well as having the tool to proceed & process through old traumas & new traumas. Michelle is a very kind & compassionate person who made me feel safe & secure throughout the whole session. She explained everything to me before & if I had any questions during the session we just stopped and went over them.

Keith L.

Retired Counselor & Future ALT-U Coach

There are maybe 10 people that have influenced my life in a positive way that I consider "impact people". Adrienne has become one of them. I enjoyed the shadow session & feel happier and lighter. I know I am feeling vs. overthinking now. I have learned to let the feeling be felt & turn it to happy thoughts. I keep thinking of sitting out in the cosmos with God & knowing he is only love. I can tell God is stirring something inside of me to start helping people again, as though I'm being led by the Holy Spirit. A program like this feels natural to me & I like more than formal counseling. I am excited about becoming a ALT-U (Certified Coach) and using these tools to help people heal.

Erin L.B.


My shadow session with Holly helped move me to a place of recognition, insight, & depth that allowed me to expand the understanding of myself & my patterns. It gave me tools to move forward and through the stops in my life that typically make me freeze. The tools she provided, I’m able to use on my own to be aware and self reliant on creating movement in my life.

Maria O.M.

Yoga Instructor

I recently had a Shadow Session with Amber that was a real eye-opener. I honestly didn't know what to expect from the session. The combination of energy work and Amber's compassionate and probative counseling helped me learn some of the reasons why I self sabotage. It was quite an enlightening experience. I highly recommend you try a session with her. Not to mention, she is an awesome dance and yoga instructor.

Group Shadow Walk Experiences

Marc L.

Digital Engineer

[My Group Shadow Walk experience] was an amazingly inspirational life event for me. It was "mind-blowing", "life-changing", [like] "awakening" to something "powerful." This  [During the session] I felt that there was an emptiness that had been healed and a heaviness lifted. I could feel the energy all over my body, it was incredible. It felt like there was a release that had been decades in the making. At first I was timid to [speak] in a group setting, but I really appreciated the coaching interactions and they way you all worked as a team, nurturing and supporting us, behind the scenes while also guiding the group. It was very powerful, [that, and the sharing from others] gave me strength to want to share my experiences more. I have a whole new outlook on life and I look forward to the unknown. I don't have to worry or have fearful thoughts and heavy anxiety. I have found that I can also embrace my shadow traits, because that energy has protected me for so long. Now I'm learning that these traits can be channeled into positive energy that doesn't need to linger in my body. I am learning to release it. I'm a lot more patient, accepting, humble, and grateful with myself and others. [I have a much more] positive outlook on life and I haven't felt this good in years. [I know now that] the world is my oyster and I am much more motivated [to move forward]. I'm so grateful to everyone involved. [For those who may be questioning it] - this is a MAJOR shift, if you'll allow it to happen. I would encourage anybody who is wanting to improve themselves, has felt lost, neglected, experienced trauma, or is questioning their direction or purpose in life - [to sign up for a Shadow Walk Session]. The facilitators are all true professionals [who I lovingly refer to as the] "Dream Team." It was an incredible experience that I'm glad I went through. I do not feel lost anymore and I believe my journey is just beginning thanks to the rock stars that facilitated these sessions. I love you all dearly and will never forget the gift that has been giving back to me. (Highlights from Marc's video testimonial).

Rhea L.S.

Licensed Therapist

Thank you all, for holding space for my healing and mastery! I've been a therapist for 20 years, and I've tried many modalities myself, but this was a really different experience for me in terms of getting right to the root of the belief system. AND then being able to change it, over a span of two days (3hrs), is really amazing. In traditional therapies like (CBT, EMDR, Somatic Practices) you're figuring out all these themes and the different ways to address them. [These therapies] all have their place, but the [Group Shadow Walk Session] was much more to the point. It helped me get [clear on what] my false belief system is. I could sit in therapy forever and never have gotten those things. And for me, it is easier to address and figure out how to change [something moving forward] when I know what I am dealing with right from the beginning, vs spending years trying to figure it out. [Your program] starts with that, and then you go from there. [I noticed] it changed how I related to certain people in my life immediately, which I found fascinating and hopeful. I haven't had many negative thoughts since [the session] but when I do, [I know] I can recognize the old belief system right away, and get through it so much faster. I also haven't needed to use [the tools provided] yet, but they give me hope that in the future, it will be easier to move through painful feelings [quickly], vs spending an hour, or ten, hoping they will end. [Your program] is very healing to say the least. [After this experience] I feel more confident, comfortable, and powerful being me, and I know I am beautiful and loveable just as I am. I definitely recommend this program to those who have tried traditional practices without resolution; are willing to go deep; and are wanting to get to the root of  your personal belief system quickly - so you can move forward with your life, knowing how amazing you truly are! (Highlights from Rhea's video testimonial).

Ben D.

U.S. Army

After having some time to let all of this set in I have come to a few realizations. First, I believe that I somehow blocked myself from much of my younger memories. During the session, this was the part that took the longest to come to me.  Second, I now understand my old life theme. Its something that has already come up during other sessions. At the time I didn't realize that this was my life theme, but looking back I see the common theme in my life. A theme that continues to drive my thoughts, feelings, decisions, and fears. This really opened my eyes. As this theme has continued to drown me in feelings of inadequacy and doubt. It has worked against me in certain aspects of m relationships. It is time for me to eradicate this theme and shift my perspective to live out the purpose that I came here to fulfill.
Then there is my Doghouse to Mansion plan (This is going to be fun as I like using music to dig deep into my current thoughts and feelings). I may start keeping a journal, or even start working out again. Either of these would be a good way to funnel excess energies in a positive way.
Thank you all for facilitating in these discoveries. I am excited for the future and what opening these doors within myself will bring.

Michelle A.

Spiritual Seeker

I’m still processing it all but that was really amazing, thank you all so much! 

Krystal G.

Health Coach

Well I didn't expect to grow so quickly and from such a deep place as I have when I signed up for this! I am grateful to all of you who showed up to make all this beautiful work happen between us and for us. It felt supreme to be witness to so many others healing from dark wounds and pain alongside my own experience of releasing fascial trauma.
With my centered groundedness, I am far more aware of what is happening to my energy and how to keep a boundary between giving and having my energy taken or pulled from me. Also the beliefs around my feeling like I just don't matter have changed to feel far more truthful, that I am all that matters and the rest is me living in the experience and sharing it with others. A huge relief for the heaviness I felt on my chest for far too long, like I just couldn't have or do anything that was truly anything worth while. That feels silly to me now to think I was that way. 
I love how my conscious programs also fit for how I choose to love my family. They are the same to me. I see my conscious programs already living out in everyone around me. My beautiful mirrors! The Path forward continues onward for each of us.

Ron C.

Digital Artist

[My Group Shadow Walk experience] was phenomenal. I thought it was a very integrative and holistic approach [to working with the Shadow] negative aspects of life. I say that having had [other] experiences that weren't as integrative and tend to gloss over the hidden part of ourselves that we don't like to look at. [After the session] I felt lighter,  childlike, playful, grounded and more like myself. I was able to observe myself and my triggers more easily, which was enlightening, and was also able to self correct more easily. I am more patient with myself and with others and it has enabled me to see other's choices as more unconscious actions vs malicious intention. I also love the information cascade your course has unlocked inside. [Through this process] I've learned that the Shadow not only has it's place in our lives, but it's a very important part of ourselves, that once we are able to bring it into alignment with our higher self, it becomes an amazing friend vs an [internal] adversary.  This is one tool that I have found that if you use it, it will work and [while the Shadow Walk experience] is intense and feels difficult during the process, the [freedom gained] is so worth it! Thank you to everyone involved, for this space. Thank you, thank you, a thousand times, thank you. (Highlights from Ron's video testimonial).

Ylana H.

Licensed Therapist

Wow, I’m still kind of feeling this experience quite deeply. I’m in awe and deeply grateful for seeing so clearly the unconscious programming that has been at play. I’m also so grateful that I can let go of the harsh judgement and self hate that I’ve carried for so long. This belief feels old, old and dense. There is certainly a lesson here in the pain and I feel it has come up to be illuminated. I feel as though I’ve shed a layer inside that I haven’t been able to reach before.
Thank you for this beautiful piece of my journey. Thank you for taking me into the dark room of shame, and holding my hand, to illuminate the beauty, the magic and the wisdom of the contrast that we’ve come here to experience. Thank you.
I understand why I felt ‚Äėlost and alone‚Äô and I don‚Äôt feel quite as afraid or ashamed.
Thank you so much for holding space and for being present with me during this entire journey. Thank you ladies, I’m deeply grateful for the healing that I received and the ALT-U team for holding this group session. Thank you.

Private Coaching Experiences

Austin B. 

Just had a "spoon-bending" experience with ALT. It reminded me that as we seek to #OPTIMIZEJOY, we are not seeking something new. There is no spoon. We are returning to our natural state. We are what bends! And when we bend, our reality bends with us. I have been going through some radical personal growth, and I am learning how to rewrite my perceptions in terms of energy as I go.  It dawned on me last night that, as a parent, I have a moral obligation to help my kids find the fun in life. That was a simple & powerful paradigm shift for me. I have created a blog devoted to trying to use energy movement we all recognize (physics) as a metaphor to better understand us humans on a spiritual level level. I believe we are energictic beings and that we have much more in common than not. I am axious [excited] to share & help. I very much like having a suppotive space to share my challenges. Thanks for the opportunity.

Brooke M.

I'd like to give a big loving shout out to a soul siSTAR!

Adrienne L. Thomas for helping me today with some deep core chakra work. Truly out of this world & a real deal. Words are very hard to pull for this spiritually powerful work done. But Everything was "absolute" 100!

I had only had one session with her so far, but she takes the time that you need and she won't leave you clueless. After all her mission is to help you...help you, help yourself, by educating you!

It was worth the investment of everything I put into it. God bless you love...NAMASTE. 

Pete B.

I can't say enough how amazing Adrienne is!! I want to thank you publicly for who you are. I'm so thankful for the feeling of chaos during the time of true growth!

Kalhie Q.

Sooooo.... How wild is our beautiful universe? I don't think I ever met Adrienne outside of a social media setting. At least not in this lifetime. I have to say, chatting with her felt very familiar. I have been going through some challenges and changes as of lately, and our conversation felt like it was meant to be. It felt right. She was able to help me see the SHEro within my SHEnanigains. I absolutely recommend reaching out or at least listening to her message if ya want to dive a bit deeper. I am down with self love and healing. Thank you for helping me take the next step!!!

Chitta N.

I have been following you & always look forward to hearing you speak. I originally procrastinated calling you, but realized I could reach out. I haven't used all of your techniques, but do see how they would help. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Keep going.

Live Group Experiences

Billy W.

Goddess, once again I have so enjoyed your dissertation. You add so much insight to the room. I love and appreciate you & your wisdom. 

Gary S.

I love your insight, your perspective & the way your mind thinks. Much love & respect to you & your work.

Harold T. 

I've had an amazing day & it just got better seeing your message. I like to watch your videos & listening to your voice. I'm smitten by your energy . That's how powerful you are. You know just what to do and how to do it! I honor you for taking the time to engage me. Wherever you are I'm coming! Much gratitude.

Remi O.

I thoroughly appreciate your contributions to the world. I am left speechless. 

Doreen O.

It's been a pleasure to work with you beautiful souls. I wouldn't want to be anywhere but in this space right now.

Nata J.

Thank you for the beautiful work you have been doing. Love & light to you all. Please keep the work going. I need to LISTEN & learn for you. I'm truly honored.

Isiak K.

Wooohoooo! We loved what you shared with our community. It really resonates. You are the gift!

Christine C.

Thank you for the medicine. It's totally up my alley & what I have been teaching. The triggers are a message for us! Thank you for all you are doing! Big love to you.

Alexandria D. 

Thank you for the space & the support. Your words are meaningful!

Barton L.

You are moving the spirit!

Ann T.

You just sparked a realization in my head between the connection in abandonment and school.

Every morning I would be so upset to leave my mother, up until the 4th grade, when I finally had a teacher that treated me as if I was her own. From then on I never felt that way again when leaving for school.

That is a trauma I hadn't realized until now, so thank you. I will keep diving into this connection. 

Christina J.

From the moment that I met her I just knew we would be friends for a long time. She has always made me feel like I can be myself and she always gives the best advice.

Mark K.

ALT reminds us a lot in her videos about the power of speech...your words that come out of your mouth & those that are spoken by your essence. It is a great reminder on how to change those unsupportable patterns (conditioning).

Shana A.

I love your coaching page & videos! Thank you.

Joshua S. 

I am a fan of your energy & frequency. It's like I know you from somewhere. I was able to see your energy move through time & space throughout the journey. It flows like a time traveler, interwoven spirits & dimensions. It travels in coherence in front of me. You are a really good listener. Very passionate, but non-judgmental. You're easy to come to for understanding when feeling sad or low. You know your purpose and help others see that in them. Your energy is far reaching, even when you are not actively talking, I am able to resonate with your spirit. It's so inspiring. So much to learn!

Qaasim M.

Pleased to share the same stage with you.

Morgana U.

Loved your room & looking forward to the next. I can't wait to read your book! 

Angela J.

Adrienne is seriously one of the most generous and genuinely loving people I have ever met. I am lucky and blessed enough to be able to call Adrienne my friend and I consider it a true privilege. Through a series of random events Adrienne and her beautiful family were brought into my life shortly after my then 4 year old was diagnosed with brain cancer and they loved me through it and continue to do so. Follow her...I promise if nothing else you will be entertained!

Michelle C.

She just knows….and definitely knows how to make you think and "feel" for yourself. Heal yourself! Amazing! Thanks for just knowing and feeling it!

Olivia J.

I LOVE this! Wonderful tips, I just wrote them down, taped them to my mirror and am going to put them into action. That last one is presenting me with resistance, already my ego is telling me won't be able to will myself out of the blue to do...but I'm going to try to observe that voice, and disregard it.

Leticia B.

Thank you so much for letting me be part of this group and for creating something good and positive. It is good to get on FB and see or listen to positive things!

Bee S.

Thank you so much for what you shared today! I can't fully express or put into words how your message touched my soul, other than to say it quieted my mind into complete silence. For that, I am truly thankful. The new awareness you've provided has changed my relationship with others, and in turn, myself. Thank you for the reframing. I am learning to follow my spirit when it leads me to share. For this alone, I will be forever grateful!

Dolly N.

That was so beautiful and elevating. I effing love you! You are an amazing soul and I'm so glad we signed up for this soul contract. I feel energy deeply and yours has never faltered. You're one of the good ones!

Nadya L.

Awwwwweeee omg...I just have to say that "I love you,"...and that's it!


Never doubt your strength. You are the solution to someone else's problems. What a way to show love.